Arthritis Foundation's "Taste of the Town" Annual Fundraiser

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It’s a city with a cause! The Arthritis Foundation’s “Taste of the Town” has brought together over 35 caring and enthusiastic vendors to partner and help raise money for this California Central Coast based non-profit. We were so privileged to join in on this 35th annual sponsorship opportunity and offer priceless tangible keepsakes that keep giving and raising awareness for years to come. Our Santa Barbara based Photobooth rental setup for 800 of Santa Barbara's own to give and experience Taste of the Town - and we got it all on film! Our high-quality cameras, set up onsite and installed inside a compact booth create one-of-a-kind interactive photos that can be made unique with our assortment of backgrounds and props.

The Arthritis Foundation’s Taste of the Town fundraiser is properly named! Those who picked out their customized sponsorship packages and donated to the organization experienced what the many culinary establishments all over Santa Barbara county have to offer. Some of the finest Santa Barbara based wineries, breweries, restaurants and caterers showed up and brought their best eats, brews and beverages for donors to enjoy. All donations went to this inspiring foundation that offers the public resources and vital information on educating, preventing and overcoming arthritis.

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                Open Air Photobooth is here to partner with you and your next fundraiser. We would love the opportunity to give back to the community and keep the memories alive of past or future events, food, friends and fun… all with a cause!

Arthritis Foundation:

San Marcos High School - 30 Year Reunion

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, Open Air Photobooth rental is a goldmine when it comes to creating memories. What is a reunion without pictures? It was our pleasure to help past students take a trip down memory lane at the San Marcos High School alumni 30 year reunion. We may not have been there thirty years ago, but we sure helped old friends relive some of their old glory high school days. The Carriage Museum was the perfect venue to help rewind time, while the attendees reminisced on the good ‘ole days. It’s a piece of cake to schedule a rental with Open Air Photobooth, as we will come to your event space, or venue anytime you want, wherever you want!

Do you have a special anniversary coming up? Perhaps you are planning a 50th birthday party, or maybe a corporate event? Whether it be with family, friends, an employee party or a high school reunion, we want to join in the fun and help you make these moments last forever. Our affordable rental photobooth is ever so portable, and can follow you and your party to some of the most amazing venues around Santa Barbara County and nationwide! We also offer the option to provide fun, funky props that will make your guests’ belly laugh. With the endless options for Santa Barbara event rentals such as hotels and photography, Open air Photobooth is here to make your decision easy and stress free! Our quick set-up photo booth rental will take the hassle out of your already busy party planning schedule. With our high quality top notch photos, your pictures will come out comparable to professional photography... Think of it as a hands-free selfie! Don’t forget the many different photo options we offer from photo strips to black and white classics and even photo flip books. What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and find a pool for your birthday party, a cool courtyard for your anniversary, or a beautiful ocean view for your reception and book Open Air Photobooth today!

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San Marcos High School:

Santa Barbara Carriage Museum:

Asics World Series of Beach Volleyball - Corporate Activation for Wescom

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Ready! Set! Spike! It’s that sandy, sunny time of year again and Open Air Photobooth joined with Wescom Credit Union to bring it beachside. Let’s just say we travel well. The beach is just one of the many beautiful outdoor locations where the Open Air Photobooth can capture images with our high quality frameable photos, photo-flip books, photo strips and more. The branded keepsakes we create are perfect take-aways for a corporate brand activation. For this event, we spent two days in Long Beach and posted up courtside at Asics World Series Beach Volleyball Tournament. We captured fans smiling, sandy faces as they came and hung out with us and learned about Wescom Credit Union.

 Wescom is a credit union dedicated to its Southern California members since 1934. This member owned, nonprofit financial cooperative has been giving and reaching out to the community since the beginning. They set up a fun interactive booth where members and friends alike could gather and learn more about what Wescom has to offer the community.

 This Asics World Series Volleyball Tournament was a special one because the Rio Olympics recently wrapped up where the US team of Kerri Walsh Jennings /April Ross were women’s Gold finalists and Brazil’s Pedro Solberg/ Evandro were the men’s gold finalists. This Asics volleyball tournament gave our American volleyball athletes a warm welcome home and Open Air Photobooth was right there to quite literally capture the good times roll!

 Wescom Credit Union:

 World Series of Beach Volleyball:

Santa Barbara City College - Vaquero Welcome


Events can happen anywhere! Luckily, Open Air Photo Booth has you covered. Our versatile design makes it easy to set-up anywhere! Take this Friday, for example, when Open Air hit the beach to celebrate Santa Barbara City College’s Foundation Center beach kickoff. Since 1979, the Foundation has been providing scholarship opportunities for students in the Santa Barbara area and to celebrate the beginning of a new semester, Open Air went out to capture the good times.

For this event, Open Air utilized the beautiful scenery of the Santa Barbara as a background. With this open format, more than twenty guests can be together in a single picture! With Open Air’s touchscreen display, it’s easy for guests to situate themselves in the photo and capture that perfect pose.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to the cramped photo booths of the competition, choose the freedom of Open Air Photobooth. We’ll bring the party to you, wherever you are!

SBCC Foundation:

Camp Something Inked - Las Vegas


If you’re a business owner trying to impress your mark on the world, or a sports marketing marketing executive, there’s a good chance that the folks at Something Inked can help you out. Being on the leading edge of marketing solutions, Something Inked puts custom, high-quality branding on pretty much everything, from T-shirts to coffee mugs. Something Inked, and the branding services they offer, is the thing to make a business shine out in the market.

Likewise, Open Air Photobooth performs branding magic better than anyone. When guests take home the photos they receive at our clients’ events, the pictures go right on the fridge, the frame or in the album. Make sure it’s remembered who sponsored the special moment by offering custom branding. With our exclusive design templates and helpful customer service, we at Open Air Photobooth make it easy to customize and perfect the marketing that best suits your needs.

This week Open Air provided photography services a work retreat for Something Inked and its associates. Capturing the big picture, a.k.a. our high-quality 4x6 inch photos, Open Air Photobooth created moments worthy of framing. Open Air also has options for 2x6 inch photo strips, perfect for weddings or for the photo-takers who can’t get enough pictures! Want something more dynamic? Check out our Open Air Flip Books, the perfect interactive keepsake to the big day over and over again.


Get your business noticed by utilizing the "power of the print" provided by the Open Air Photobooth, the go-to for the professionals at Something Inked and others who know what it takes to make their mark.


Something Inked:

Fast Times at the Indy 500

There's an energy: whirring, electric. Fans scream as blurs of ferocious sound storm past, metal biting metal in pursuit of speed and victory. At 220 mph, if the vehicles make any mistake, any error, it will surely mean catastrophe.

It's the Indianapolis 500.


Held each year, the Indy 500 pits the sport's most skilled drivers against each other in a race of endurance, speed and focus. Each driver must rely on their skill, their team and the performance of their equipment. We won't say that Open Air Photo Booth can move at the incredible speeds of these ground bound super-jets, but bet on us to provide your custom photo prints in less than 10 seconds, faster than any driver has been able to complete a circuit around the Motor Speedway.

Open Air is the race car of photo booth design: quick set up, through-put, print-outs; crafted for optimized performance, durability and quality. Open Air takes the lead as the pinnacle of photo booth experience, and thanks to our relationship with PrimeSport, we were able to capture Fan Photos.

As for the Indy 500, of the 33 racers, Alexander Rossi claimed victory, coming through the finish line after boldly chancing the last lap on an empty fuel tank, making it an event-to-remember.

 If only there was a way to test the performance of the world's photo booths…

Little Artists. Big talent. Monroe Elementary iCAN Art Show


Pablo Picasso once said that it took him a lifetime to paint like a child. Well, this Thursday the future Picasso's of Monroe Elementary School had the chance to showcase their art in front of friends and family. Blue-tailed cats, hills adorned with giant daffodils and portraits of their favorite superheroes, the collection boasted many creative and colorful pieces. The curation was made possible by the Incredible Children's Art Network (iCAN), whose mission is providing students of the Santa Barbara area opportunities to express themselves through art. While guests meandered through the collection, many of the families stopped by Open Air Photo Booth.

There's a unique kind of art in the way a mother can bring all of her children together, have them all look at the camera and produce a fantastic family portrait (or something close). Luckily, our Open Air attendants work just as hard to make that photo moment magic as you do.

For more photo magic, be sure to check out the Open Air Cube. With the Cube, designed for hashtag printing, anyone can become the artist. Simply capture an image on your phone, upload it to social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and use the unique event hashtag (#) to send that image directly to our on-site printer. From there, using touchscreen technology and a push-to-print system, you can have any image from your phone to your hands in seconds.

The Open Air Cube: Hashtag printing so easy a child could do it.

Now that's art!

UCSB Greek Community (Tri Delta) Throws Party for the Kids


Open Air Photobooth supports a diverse community of clients. This weekend we had the chance to kick it at this year’s Tri Delta Trident Classic, a day full of flag football, bbq and partying with the UCSB Greek Community. And if university students at UCSB know how to do anything best, it’s having fun. The best part? It was all done for a great cause, raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center

And why is this important? Well, according to St. Jude’s, the survival rate for children with cancer was less than 20% in 1962. Over the past half century, the support and funds raised by those like Tri Delta have pushed that percentage to over 80%. Making this weekend’s event something worth partying for.

The event, being hosted outside, required our Open Air Photobooth to show its true versatility. Lightweight and extremely portable, we were able to roll our set up out onto the grass field, plug into nearby generator power, and start providing our services within minutes. And in cases such as this, we bring along our pop-up tents to provide shade for our guests as they come over in between points to get a great shot of the day they saved lives and had fun doing it.

Whether it’s to celebrate the end of a semester or ensuring the health and treatment of our children with cancer, Open Air Photo Booth loves being able to use our state-of-the-art photo booth to help preserve the memories of something truly special.

Let us know how we can save the day with our amazing Open Air Photo Booth!

A Perfect Pairing: CA Wine Festival & Craft Brewer's Convention


April is the month of fine wine and crafted beer. Open Air Photobooth found itself the center of attraction at both the California Wine Festival and the Craft Brewer's Convention in North Carolina (did we mention we have booths all around the nation!). While the vendors doled out their spirits, many of the guests lined up to make a very special memory with friends and family.

            As many know, memory is flighty, perhaps even more so after a fun-filled day of drinking. But have no fear! Open Air vows to be there to capture the moment you and all of your friends gathered around the lens and decided to wear the colorful array of props. Or the moment when you and your spouse were caught embracing, smiling at each other in delight, fully aware of the beauty of the moment.

            With our well-trained and personable attendants, you and your fellow partygoers are free to enjoy the festivities while we make photo booth magic. So eat, drink, play and get a picture to remember it all.


            Like the cheese to fine wine, the bbq to a cold beer, Open Air Photoboth pairs with any event to make the experience a better one. And that's something we can all cheers to!

California Wine Festival:

Craft Brewers Conference:


Open Air Photo Booth at the Playboy Mansion on Easter Sunday


In 1953, Hugh Hefner launched the first publication of what was to become the world-renowned men's-interest magazine: Playboy. Thanks to the appearance of Marilyn Monroe on its first cover, more than 50,000 copies were sold (a number in our sights for Open Air Photo Booths sold worldwide)!

            Since then, Playboy Magazine has become a pop-culture icon, seconded only by the Playboy Mansion itself.

             A hangout for some of the sexiest people in the world, Open Air Photobooth was thrilled to provide the Mansion with high quality photos and entertainment for this Easter's celebration.

             And how did Open Air become the official Playboy-approved photo booth? An efficient and attractive design; powerful performance and capability; and top-of-the-line quality.

            In addition to this Easter's event, Open Air Photo Booth has been the featured photo provider for Playboy's 4th of July soiree and the ever-enchanting Halloween bash.

            From celebrations at the local bar, to parties at the Playboy Mansion, Open Air Photo Booth makes everyone a star in front of the camera!

That’s a Wrap! The Stages of Open Air Photobooth - Last Man Standing Wrap Party

When the final scene of your favorite TV show is finished filming, the wrap party begins!

            Wrap parties are celebrations of a show's filming. Although the show is not in its final form (a job for the show's post-production team) the cast and crew celebrate a job well done and Open Air Photobooth is there to capture the joy.

             This Wednesday, the popular ABC sitcom Last Man Standing hosted its own wrap party in celebration of its 5th season. The show follows character Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen (Home Improvement, The Santa Clause), a senior executive at a sporting goods store and father. In taking care of his wife and three daughters, Mike works through the universal dramas family life can present.


Actors Molly Ephraim and Kaitlyn Dever play Tim Allen's character's daughters in Last Man Standing.

Similar to the creation of TV shows such as Last Man Standing, Open Air photo booth reflected on its own stages of production: set-up, facilitation and follow-up.

            Set-Up: Whether your event is in Los Angeles, New York or London, Open Air Photobooth's set-up is second-to-none in efficiency and convenience to both our hosts and operators. With its superior portability and efficient design, our booths have lightning quick set-up time (under a minute!) and will fit aesthetically into any space (custom booth designs make Open Air rigs the perfect pairing for any theme). As our name suggests, the openness of our set-ups allow for a lot of customization for the final product. We offer drapery, step-and-repeats and other forms of custom backdrops to fit our clients' needs. For Last Man Standing's wrap party, Open Air used the natural décor of the venue as a backdrop and it made for a great background for the photos.

            Facilitation: The high-quality DSLR cameras and robust lighting in our booths ensure that your guests look as good as they feel. One guest, two guests, fifteen guests. The Open Air Photobooth is able to accommodate crowds of friends and family who wish to capture the happiness of the moment. With one-touch reprints, everyone can get their copy. Also, with included Open Air software support, the branding of your event will exist on each and every print, ensuring that guests will both remember the moment and the context in which it was expereienced. Photostrips, Collage Guestbooks, Greenscreen, Flipbooks, Video Testimonials, the medium in which guests interact with each other and our booths is filled with possibilities, and one truth will remain: Guests will be delighted.

            Follow-Up: Didn't receive a copy of that amazing group photo? Open Air Photobooth hosts images via online galleries, public or private, allowing easy access for you and your guests. When events end, we remain available to ensure that all needs have been met. Superior customer service is synonymous with the name Open Air Photobooths.

            When the euphoria of an event comes to a close, when guests are charmed with their photo booth experience, we have our own wrap up party: A smile, a feeling of success, then off again to deliver the highest-quality photo booth the world can offer.

Event Producer: Sterling Social | Los Angeles

Event Location: Aventine | Hollywood

The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation- Why Not? Bowl - National Photo Booth Rentals

Russell Westbrook has made a name for himself in the NBA by leading his basketball team to winning the gold medal in both the FIBA World Championship in 2010 and the Olympics in 2012. Currently point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team, Russell was always taught growing up to ask ‘why not?’ and always believe in himself. In 2012, he founded the Why Not? Foundation, dedicated to supporting community based education and family service programs while encouraging youth to believe in themselves. The mission of the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation is to inspire the lives of children, empower them to ask “Why Not?” and teach them to never give up.

The Why Not? Bowl event was held in Oklahoma where adults and children were inspired by bowling and hanging out with Russell Westbrook and other Thunder players. Open Air Photobooth captured these precious moments, giving guests and players the chance to interact and have some fun. Charity events, celebrity meet and greets, and non-profit fundraisers are all perfect events for an Open Air Photobooth.

Website Reference:

Batman Vs Superman Movie Showing- Presented by Turkish Airlines in Hollywood, California

Batman Versus Superman opened with the seventh largest grossing debut. Although it wasn’t released in the U.S. until March 25th, Turkish Airlines gave a lucky few the chance to see it 3 days early at a showing in Hollywood, California.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 is featured in Batman versus Superman, which marks their first major product placement in a motion picture. Also, featured in several 2016 Super bowl advertisements, Turkish Airlines is branching out in the advertising techniques.

Turkish Airlines sponsored the premier in New York City, and the special showing in Hollywood, California. Open Air Photobooth provided booth rental services to allow guests to get in on the action. A custom 3D backdrop was created to allow guests to step into the action between Batman and Superman and pose for a timeless keepsake. Images were also shared via social media and emailed to those who attended this red carpet Hollywood event.

Website References:

Batman versus Superman:

Turkish Airlines:

Brand Activation - Nekter Juice Bar- Grand Opening in Orange, California

Nekter Juice Bar is a Southern California provider for natural juices. Each juice is jam packed with up to 3 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nekter juices are a great source of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and living enzymes that promote a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of a daily dose of Nekter juice include improved digestion, boosted immunity, increased energy and radiant glowing skin, hair and nails. Nekter offers individual juices as well as two different customizable juice-cleanse packs with add-on options for weight loss and protein added nutrients.

To make this juice more accessible, Nekter has been branching out and opening several new locations. The grand opening for the Nekter Juice Bar location in Orange, California offered $1 juice and smoothies. Open Air Photobooth provided photo booth rental services at this event to allow guests to share their favorite flavors, and add excitement while creating lasting printed and digital memories for guests to take home.  The Open Air Photo Booth is a perfect add on for any corporate event, launch party, red carpet event, or grand opening!

Website Reference:

Young and Brave Foundation Fundraiser at Alice and Olivia in Hollywood, California

As featured in the “About Us” section of their website, “The Young and Brave began from Love. In 2010, founders Nathaniel Curran and Matt Coulter were hit with a devastating blow, when a loved one was diagnosed with the unthinkable: cancer. It was a complete shock to all, and no one knew quite where to turn. Not ones to sit on the sidelines, Nathaniel and Matt jumped into action; helping raise money to cover medical expenses, creating community awareness and offering support to their friend in need. It was the fight for life that occurred after the diagnosis that truly opened their eyes to the harsh realities of cancer. From this experience, Nathaniel and Matt’s passion for helping others was born. In March 2011 The Young and Brave Foundation received nonprofit status with the vision of helping young adults, children and families with little ones diagnosed with all forms of cancer… ‘Always LOVE’ has become their battle cry because with LOVE, absolutely anything is possible.”

The Young and Brave Foundation hold lots of fundraising benefits every year. At this particular private event, Young and Brave partnered with clothing designer Stacey Bendet to hold a sale of her Alice and Olivia Spring 2016 collection. 20% of the proceeds from this event went to The Young and Brave Foundation. Open Air Photobooth allowed guests the chance to have some fun while showing their support, by offering photo booth rental services in Hollywood. TV personalities Renee Bargh and Charissa Thompson posed with friends in the highlighted image. Thank you girls for stopping by and supporting such a terrific organization!

Website References:

Young and Brave Foundation-

Event Page:

Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendet:

Winter Wine Classic Festival in Santa Barbara, California

The Winter Wine Classic is one of the largest gatherings of the California’s ultra–elite winemaking masters. Being the capitol of Southern California’s wine country and one of the most beautiful destinations along the California coast, Santa Barbara was a prime location for this event. This year hundreds of guests gathered at the Fess Parker Resort for the 5th annual Winter Wine Classic. Over 30 different wineries featured their unique blends of wine at this event. Food vendors also provided tasty bites for guests to pair with their fine wine. To add to the fun, Open Air Photobooth gave guests the chance to let loose and create lasting memories in the form of keep-sake printed photos.

Website Reference:

Beauty Coach Tour with Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles California

The Beauty Coach Tour is a traveling event that provides guests with the opportunity to learn about the latest beauty trends and techniques. During this event Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, creators of Beauty Coach, and co-founders of Nine Zero One Salon, hold workshops where different hair coloring and cutting techniques are taught and demonstrated on live models. After the workshops guests are given the chance to network, while enjoying a glass of champagne. Open Air Photobooth provided their photo booth rental services to capture the beauty and give guests a fun way to network and interact. Images were also shared via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram from an integrated iPad. A custom printed step-and-repeat backdrop was created for this special event and provided the perfect look for these high end professional photographs.

Website References:

Beauty Coach Tour Video:

Nine Zero One Salon:

Ashley and Jerell’s Wedding – Wedding Wish - Santa Barbara

Wedding Wish is an organization dedicated to creating dream weddings for couples who are married but never had the chance to have a wedding ceremony.

Ashley and Jerell Cryer were nominated for Wedding Wish by Ashley’s 13 year old daughter, Anna Lisa. In her application Anna Lisa tells how deserving she believes her Mom and Step Dad are. Here is Anna Lisa’s kind words, “A few years ago my mom was working and ran into Jerell then realized they went to the same high school. They obviously hit it off and maybe 8-12 months later they got married. They just went to the court house and didn’t get to have their dream wedding mostly because of money. When Jerell married my mom she already had me and my two younger brothers. Since my father hasn’t been present… Jerell has really tried to be the best father he could… They have been talking about having a wedding for some time now but something always comes up, like just recently they bought their first house and when they first bought it, it was a complete wreck so Jerell worker harder than I have seen anyone work to fix up our beautiful house… I think they are the most deserving people for this wedding and I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen… Jerell has really stepped up and became the best father anyone could wish for and my mom, well she’s always been super mom.”

Wedding Wish responded by giving Ashley and Jerell the wedding of their dreams. They organized everything one would need for a beautiful wedding including a way to create lasting memories. Open Air Photobooth provided photo booth rental services in Santa Barbara to capture those beautiful memories for the Cryer family.

Website Reference:

Raya’s Bat Mitzvah - Unici Casa - Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental

In Hebrew, “bat” means daughter and mitzvah means commandment or law. Bat Mitzvah translates to daughter of commandment. According to Jewish law, once a girl reaches 12 years old (13 for a boy) she is accountable for her actions and take over personal responsibilities that were previously held by their parents. Bat Mitzvahs mark a huge milestone in every Jewish child’s life as the moment they ‘become a woman’.

Raya’s Mitzvah marked a huge milestone in her life, and a big celebration was held in her honor. Open Air Photobooth provided photo booth services in Los Angeles to commemorate this special time for Raya’s family. Guests had the chance to pose with friends and colorful props and take home memories in the form of phot strips and digital images.  The event was held at Unici Casa in Los Angeles. This venue features beautiful artistic décor and has three areas that can be used individually or as one large space.

Website Reference:

Innkeeping Conference and Tradeshow in Austin, Texas - Open Air Photo Booth

The Innkeeping Conference and Tradeshow in Austin Texas is the largest conference in the Bed and Breakfast industry. With over 40 live sessions by industry professionals, guests learned new trends and practices. Both novice and master innkeepers had the chance to network and work face-to-face with industry professionals. Open Air Photobooth provided photo booth rental services to provide guests with lasting keep sake memories. The Open Air team also educated Inn Keepers on the benefits of owning an Open Air Photobooth. With the added profit center and marketing power of the printed images, the Open Air Photo Booth is a natural fit for any inn or bed-and-breakfast property.

Website Reference: