Expand your Entertainment Business with Open Air Photo booth

Are you an Event Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Professional Photographer, or Media Consultant looking for a new way to expand your professional services for minimum start-up costs and an almost instant Return on Investment?  Open Air Photobooth is a fun and easy way to attract massive amounts of new clients and make more money per gig.

Here’s how it works!

We offer a highly portable, open air, freestanding alternative to those other photo booths for sale with the cramped cubicles, black curtains, and limited picture-taking options.  In fact, our products are not booths at all.  Think of them as more of a miniature stage with a high-definition camera and a variety of different backdrops, much like you see at red carpet events.  This allows up to thirty guests to gather in front of the camera for unrehearsed, spontaneous photo shoots.  Celebrations and parties are a great deal more fun when the guests get to show off in front of the whole gang!

Give your clients more image options!

Unlike the standard, box-like photo booth for sale, Open Air Photobooth combines high-tech digital technology with advanced computerized software to provide both color and black-and-white images within 10 seconds.  And the pictures can include an interesting banner across the bottom or face of the image to provide a more unique and individual product.  With an optional iPad, or social media kiosk, images can be instantly posted on Facebook, sent through the Twitter feeds, or emailed to the guest of honor as a silly memento. Additional upgrades can be purchased for your unit to include slideshow and video options, as well.

Setup in minutes!

Part of the appeal for owners of the Open Air Photobooth is its simple setup process.  The whole system takes less than ten minutes to assemble, saving you valuable installation time and increasing your profits per hour.   Other types of photo booths for sale require hours of setup time for building the booth, hooking up cameras, and finding the perfect location with accessible power access and proper lighting requirements.  Because the Open Air Booth often utilizes a simple curtain backdrop and a camera system that is adaptable to any sort of outdoor lighting, your location options are nearly unlimited.  The only space needed for the camera equipment is a small footprint of 14” x 22” for two lightweight boxes standing less than 6 feet tall.

Make your money back in less than Five Events!

 Open Air offers very affordable rates and even provides financing options for your advanced, state-of-the-art photo booth for sale.  Most of our clients can easily charge anywhere from $1000 to over $1600 for a single event that lasts approximately 4 hours or less.  This means that your booth has the potential to pay for itself in less than five outings.  And the operational expenses are almost non-existent.  The average cost of a standard-sized 4×6 color print is only about $0.15 each.  Even if you take 300 photos, you still only spend less than $25 per event.  Have fun, meet new people, and provide a quality, unique product that will keep the party going with an Open Air Photobooth.