Making Your Next Event Truly Memorable With A Photo Booth Rental

These days, the question on people’s minds doesn’t seem to be, “How can I be social?” It has evolved to become, “How can I be more social?” However, that is only on the surface. What people are really asking is, “How can I be more memorable?” So, help your guests! Ask yourself how you can make your event more memorable. Here’s one answer:

A photo booth rental!

Today, the ever-extending reach of social networks gives users access to the funniest videos they have ever seen, to memorable moments that they would have otherwise missed, and to a more full life than they would have ever had alone. Photo booth pictures can create these social memories your guests wish for.

 Photo Fun, and Booth Effects

With fun photo booths, your guests will have a blast taking all the photos, and using the effects. Change the background. Take a picture. Experiment with an effect. Take another. Get everyone together, or pose individually! Once you have created your memory, take it with you and show your friends! People will talk, and word will spread like wildfire. Check out the fun photo booths!

 I’ve Already Got A Photo booth…

Try to compare us with any other traditional photo booth. In fact, try finding a better mobile photo booth. You will find that the Open Air Photobooth® is the best mobile photo booth, and much more affordable than traditional photo booths.

Open Air Photobooth® comes in two separate cases, but to set it up, you stack them vertically. It takes the place of one standing individual. That said, what you really want, is something that will make your guests want to take their pictures.

Enter Flip Books!

Your guests record a seven second video and then the photo booth pictures print out in sequence. In a minute, your guests will have a unique keepsake they love, of your event! Create the most memorable experiences your guests have ever had. Make it easy for everyone to relive the memories. Visit our website and get your photo booth rental today!