Open Air Photobooth LED Cases Highlight a ‘Studio 54’ Themed Event in Santa Barbara

Last month Alegria by Design sponsored their 10th annual holiday event in Santa Barbara, and the LED Open Air Photobooth was the star attraction.  The theme of the party was “Studio 54”, and guests and attendees arrived wearing their full-on disco gear, complete with bellbottom pants, wide-collared shirts, and funky platform shoes.  The entertainment included a polyester clad DJ, multiple spinning disco balls, and music by the Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Donna Summer.

As guests entered the Granada Theatre, they were asked to slowly walk the red carpet, just like the 1970’s icons of Andy Warhol, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Liza Minnelli and other notable regulars of the original discotheque back in the heyday of Studio 54.  The event planners wanted to provide attendees with a personal, one-of-a-kind keepsake to commemorate the event.   The glitterati and paparazzi inspired photographs provided by the LED Open Air Photobooth with its vibrantly retro, red colored lighting effects only added to the vintage vibe.

As a way to instantly promote the event in real time, guests were asked to pose for the camera, as the Open Air system captured high-definition images of their entrance into the theatre while dressed in their best Saturday Night Fever attire.  The jpeg pictures were then posted all over the web, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and some were even projected on massive screens inside the theatre itself, as dancing and partying continued well into the night.  The event was a huge success.

The LED Open Air Booth is not like the typical photo booths for sale in the 1970’s.  Gone are the drab, black drapes and the small, box-like compartment.  All of the equipment and software needed is contained within an extremely compact mobile system that stands only 6 feet tall and is only 14” x 22” in size.  The fun takes place on an expansive stage instead of inside a cramped booth.  At the December affair, the stage was designed to look like the original entrance to the 1970’s discotheque, complete with a backdrop splattered with the Studio 54 logo, a walkway covered with real, red carpeting, and flashing lights adding the finishing touches for that extra special paparazzi effect.

Not only were the photos sent virally all over social media, but the guests also received their own hardcopy, full color, 4×6 print, increasing the fun and excitement as friends, old and new, shared their keepsakes with one another, pictures that looked as real as an original photo that you might find in the celebrity magazines of the 70’s.

With smartphones in hand, pictures were captured from all angles and by many of the guests themselves, adding to the movie star-like ambiance even more.  The LED effects of the Open Air Photobooth red disco lighting only added to the allure and glamour that was once so consistent with that time in history when sex, drugs, and disco ruled the world.