Rent A Photo Booth For Your Next Event!

You have a big event coming up; say, a wedding. You feel the pressure levels rising. The stress is starting to take its toll. You just want something to entertain your guests that will provide them with memories, and a good time. Is that so much to ask? Well, since you are asking, here is our suggestion: You need a photo booth for weddings!

Photo Booth For Weddings

The Open Air Photobooth® is equipped with a high caliber DSLR camera. This means the same professional, high quality, HD pictures you hired a professional to take, can be done using our photobooth photography. Our photobooth creates prints, flip books, can apply all sorts of effects, and your guests will have them immediately. Can your photographer do that?

 Connects To The Internet

You have made it this far through our “Photo Booth for Weddings” pitch, so here is your reward. The Open Air Photobooth® wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi network. This makes it seamless to share your guest’s photos immediately online. Photobooth photography online? You’ve never seen that! Perhaps only one photo turned out well? Only share that one! Was the whole set perfect? Share them all! It takes seconds and your guests can share at will. Our photo booths are so easy to use!

Photo Booth Rental

There is a photobooth rental provider in your area that carries the Open Air Photobooth®. This means, a local provider will support your photobooth, and it will be delivered to your desired location when you need it. Rent by the hour, or by the day, photobooth rentals are very affordable. Rent one for your wedding, your weekend BBQ, your child’s graduation, or even get your daughter a Sweet 16 photo booth! With photo booth rentals available now, there is no reason why your next event will not be a stunning success!