Start Your Own Photo Booth Business!

Opportunity is knocking. We have created a high demand product. A product so in demand, it is impossible for us to meet that demand alone. It is a complete system with everything you need, including its very own photobooth software.

Open Air Photobooth®

An invention created for the social aspect of humanity. It has revolutionized an aging form of entertainment, and brought it into the 21st century. Our photo booth system has:

  • - a mobile platform (this is not a traditional photo booth, it is a mobile photo booth)
  • - a quality DSLR camera (think high definition photo booths)
  • - custom 64-bit hardware (a true photo booth computer)
  • - a current commercial operating system
  • - photobooth software specific to this application

Use Very Little Space, Easy To Transport, A Breeze To Use

Open Air Photobooth® is a mobile photo booth. We are talking about as compact a footprint as physically possible. It is light enough for a single person to move around and setup. There are only two cases, and they are identical to one another. The system is completely self-contained. You can easily transport it via air, shipping company, or even your personal vehicle. The software user interface is friendly and intuitive. Guests, who may have never seen our photo booth in action before, use it effortlessly.

Very Desired At Events

Open Air Photobooth® is in demand at every event. Stay with me for a second. Prints are available immediately. Guests show their friends. Now they want to make their own! They show their friends, and now they want to make their own too! It scales exponentially!

Who would use this?

Been to a party? How about a wedding? Think about social events like trade shows, birthdays, and family gatherings. Your success is unlimited!

We have done the hard part by engineering high definition photo booths, with their own photo booth computer running the best photobooth software available. We have created the complete photo booth system. Opportunity is knocking! Contact us today and we will help you get started!