A Perfect Pairing: CA Wine Festival & Craft Brewer's Convention


April is the month of fine wine and crafted beer. Open Air Photobooth found itself the center of attraction at both the California Wine Festival and the Craft Brewer's Convention in North Carolina (did we mention we have booths all around the nation!). While the vendors doled out their spirits, many of the guests lined up to make a very special memory with friends and family.

            As many know, memory is flighty, perhaps even more so after a fun-filled day of drinking. But have no fear! Open Air vows to be there to capture the moment you and all of your friends gathered around the lens and decided to wear the colorful array of props. Or the moment when you and your spouse were caught embracing, smiling at each other in delight, fully aware of the beauty of the moment.

            With our well-trained and personable attendants, you and your fellow partygoers are free to enjoy the festivities while we make photo booth magic. So eat, drink, play and get a picture to remember it all.


            Like the cheese to fine wine, the bbq to a cold beer, Open Air Photoboth pairs with any event to make the experience a better one. And that's something we can all cheers to!

California Wine Festival: http://californiawinefestival.com/

Craft Brewers Conference: https://www.craftbrewersconference.com/