Have you ever questioned what exactly an Open Air Photobooth is?

If so, that is okay! We are here to explain it to you.

An Open Air Photobooth  is the industry leading, ultra-compact photo / video / animated gif/ flipbook photobooth that makes any event lasting and memorable. These units contain the highest in quality equipment such as, a studio strobe light, Canon DSLR camera, Windows 64-bit custom computer systems and touch screen monitors to capture and highlight the best parts of an event or party – which are you and your guests!

black portable photo booth

Another great feature about this versatile unit is the on-the-spot printing capabilities from the quality-grade printers located on the bottom half of the Photo Booth. The printed images come from studio-caliber, dye-sublimation printers that receive the images directly after being taken from the DSLR imaging technologies and will be in your hand in just seconds.

Yes, that quickly!

In addition to the high-speed, high-resolution images, Open Air Photobooth can also capture HD Quality video. This feature can easily be accessed on the touch screen monitor and also comes with a hand-held microphone for your guests to feel like the greatest talk show hosts in the world. Video Clips can be well-wishes from a wedding or birthday party, product reviews at a launch event, or even contestant interviews for a TV gameshow (The Wheel of Fortune “Wheel Mobile” utilizes the Open Air Photobooth for this!) Open Air Photobooth upgrades are also available for you and your guests to create flipbooks and animated GIFs that can also be shared instantaneously to galleries, social media or personal devices.

Amazing, right?

To top it off, the Flagship two case portable photo booth and camera technology can also be equipped with green screen characteristics to add any backdrop that you can think of. This will allow your guests to be transported to another place, dimension or time imaginable, giving them another reason to rave about the event you have worked so hard to put together.

portable photobooth

The Open Air Photobooth can also be easily transported to your event, party or soiree, as they stand 6-feet tall and are only 50lbs. per top and bottom sections. While setting up, the units can incorporate a single-wall backdrop, as well as a bench option for guests to sit or stand during their entertaining photo creations.

Yes, it is that easy and that portable!

Open Air Photobooth is coming up to a decade from the inception of the company to today and is taking over the entertainment industry. Be sure to check out the various photobooth options for parties, events and much more on the Products section of our website.

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