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Thank you for your interest in the genuine Open Air Photobooth® - the industry leading, ultra-compact, and versatile event photobooth since 2009.

Size & Portability

The top case is 16” by 22” by 34” high; weighing approximately 50 lbs. Bottom case is 14” by 22” by 38” high, weighing approximately 50 lbs. When the cases are in use, they offer a compact 14” by 22” footprint and stand approximately 6’ high.


Top case houses the adjustable studio strobe, Canon DSLR camera, Windows 64-Bit custom computer system and touch screen monitor interface, while the bottom case houses the professional dye-sublimation printer. These cases travel separately and easily nest on top of each other during use. Storage space is built into the bottom case for use during an event. Bottom case can also be used as a stand-alone unit for separate printing applications.


The digital imaging, print quality and speed are superior. Studio grade adjustable lighting and Canon DSLR imaging technology is utilized to capture high-definition images. Professional dye-sublimation printer technology is incorporated to ensure the customer is provided a lab-quality print in as little as 8 seconds. The ability to take pictures with a digital backdrop (Green Screen utilization) is also built into the Open Air Photobooth® Software.


With the Video Booth upgrade, the Open Air Photobooth® is transformed into both a Photobooth and a VideoBooth. A “Record Video” hot zone on the touch screen allows the user to easily select video capture while a hand held microphone captures the audio in stereo quality. HD Video Clips are recorded digitally for uploading to galleries and social media sites (via a third party software). Video well wishes, product testimonials, and video survey capture are all possible with the Video Booth upgrade. Slow Motion video is also possible with the Open Air Photobooth.


The Flip Book upgrade expands the capabilities of the Open Air Photobooth to allow for the creation of flips books in real-time in an event setting. Guests effortlessly record a seven second video which is transformed into a unique flip book keepsake in less than a minute. Flip Books can be incorporated into any event and provide a unique experience and interactive branded keepsake. The video below shows the flip book experience with the Open Air Photobooth. 

Animated GIFs

Digital animated GIFs can be created from either a multi-image photo booth session or from the creation of a flip book. These looping image files are then shared via social media and hosted in an online gallery. They can easily be branded with a personalized overlay for a wedding, special event, or corporate activation.

integrated photo slideshow

With available rear viewing montior, guests in line for the Open Air Photobooth can view images that have been captured throughout the event. The High Definition screen can also be used for digital branding of the owner’s corporate logo or of logos of the rental client or photo booth event sponsor.


Payment accepted via credit card, cashier’s check or wire transfer. Orders within California are subject to sales tax.


The most common setup of the Open Air Photobooth incorporates a single wall draped backdrop with or without the use of a bench. The recommended floor area required for setup with bench and backdrop is approximately 5’ by 5’. Ultimately, the versatility in setup is only limited by the imagination of the owner/client and the physical constraints of the event space. Individuals up to groups of 10-20 have gathered in front of the Open Air Photobooth to have their images captured.


When considering the quality of components, speed of setup, and simplicity of design, the Open Air Photobooth® just makes sense!