Frequently Asked Questions – Product Purchase

With availability to the general public and a website launch on February 1, 2009, Open Air Entertainment LLC strives to answer all questions posed in regards to the Open Air Photobooth®.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. As questions are answered, this portion of the website will be updated.

Q. How Do I Purchase a product from

When you are ready to discuss options and your specific needs, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. A PDF with the current options and prices will be emailed to you and we will follow up with a phone call. We will then compile an estimate/invoice which reflects our discussion.

Q. After purchasing from, how long does product take to ship?

The Open Air Photobooth® product line is built to order. Immediately after order payment is received, your product goes into production. With an average overall production time of less than 1 week, your product will be delivered approximately 2 weeks from order date (east coast destination). Custom colors or case configurations take an additional 2 weeks approximately. Overseas / international shipping will increase delivery time.

Email confirmation of order and production updates will be sent to you at regular intervals to keep you informed of the progress of your product construction and shipment.

A shipping confirmation email and tracking number will also be sent.

Q. How many events will it take to recapture the cost of my Open Air Photobooth®?

Rental fees for digital photo booths vary depending on your location. For example, in Southern California, the average rental fees commonly range from $1,000-$1,600 per event (with options). Thus, in Southern California, the Open Air Photobooth® can be paid for in as little as 4-5 events!

Q. What are the expenses I’ll incur when using my Open Air Photobooth®?

Assuming the booth is set to print captured images, the cost of printer supplies will be the only cost incurred. With the paper/ink cartridges commercially available directly through us and others, you’ll never be without supplies. The dye sublimation printers utilized have an extremely low price per print. The average cost of a 4×6 print will range from about $.15 – $.17 per print. For a 4-hour rental, 100-300 prints is common, thus total media expenses average about $25.

Q. What are the “brains” behind the Open Air Photobooth®?

The custom computer system running the Open Air Photobooth® is Windows 64-Bit based and boasts a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The customized software running the photo booth operation is straight forward and allows for complete control over the DSLR camera. The software also allows complete customization of printed outputs. A familiarity with Adobe Photoshop or another graphics software is recommended. Being Wi-Fi compliant (802.11 b/g/n), software can be upgraded wirelessly, and photos can easily be transferred to another computer or to a hosting site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Q. What printer is used in the Open Air Photobooth®?

The Open Air Photobooth® utilizes professional dye-sublimation photo printers; currently manufactured by Mitsubishi.

Q. Do I have to load any software into the booth when it arrives?

No. After following the Start Up Guide provided with your booth and going through an initial 45 minute setup (the booth does not come fully assembled due to standard shipping practices) you’ll be able to take pictures. The Start Up Guide will provide information about how to change photobooth settings, modify picture output, and ultimately configure the booth to your needs (as they vary per event).

We are also able to remotely log into each of our products for “Hands On” Training.

Q. Where can you set up the Open Air Photobooth®?

Being the original Open Air Photobooth®, the setup options are limitless. From ballrooms to yachts to private booths at nightclubs, the Open Air Photobooth® can be setup anywhere power is available.

Q. Does the Open Air Photobooth® save the images as digital files?

Yes. The photobooth software can be set to Print Only, Print and Save as .jpg, or Save as .jpg Only. Each individual image as well as the selected output can be saved.

Q. Is it possible to change the output of the Open Air Photobooth®?

Yes. First, the operator selects the number of images to be taken and how they are arranged. The most common layouts are a single image on one sheet of paper (1 image, 1 row, 1 column), a passport-style strip of images (e.g., 3 images, 3 rows, 1 column), or a 2×2 grid of 4 images. Second, the operator can incorporate a custom background, header, footer, or digital overlay for the output. This feature makes it possible to add relevant text or logos to the output.

Q. Does the Open Air Photobooth® take color or black-and-white (b/w) digital photos?

The camera and software capture color images. These images can be printed as color or b/w. Color modes can also be changed within the DSLR camera to capture different images with varying tones or filters, i.e. sepia.

Q. Does the Open Air Photobooth® allow a guest to record video messages/testimonials?

Yes. As a current upgrade, the Open Air Photobooth® can not only capture images, but also HD quality video/audio recordings.

Q. Does the Open Air Photobooth® allow a guest to create Flip Books?

Yes. As a current upgrade, the Open Air Photobooth® has the ability to Create multi-page tangible flip books in about a minute. The flip book upgrade includes all the necessary software and hardware to provide this unique service. The demand vs. supply of flip book service providers is drastically greater than photobooth providers, thus rental rates are commonly considerably higher. We are happy to discuss this popular upgrade during your ordering process.

Q. Does the Open Air Photobooth® allow a guest to create animated GIFs?

Yes. Animated GIFs can be created when capturing a multi-image print layout. The printed take-away contains multiple poses and the shared or hosted digital version is an animated GIF. Animated GIFs are also created when utilizing the Open Air Photobooth to create tangible flip books.

Q. Does the Open Air Photobooth® collect guest information for marketing purposes?

Yes. The Open Air Photobooth® incorporates a touchscreen display and coupled with the software’s ability to display an on-screen keyboard, guest email addresses can be entered before or after each session.

When wirelessly tethering an iPad or tablet additional data collection options are possible.

Q. What is your return policy?

Due to the custom manufacturing of the Open Air Photobooth® and our product line, refunds and returns are not offered. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The electronic components, aside from the computer and are subject to 1 year manufacturer warranties. The custom designed Windows 10 64-Bit computer systems boast a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Please feel free to call or email with additional questions regarding your purchase.