Arthritis Foundation's "Taste of the Town" Annual Fundraiser

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It’s a city with a cause! The Arthritis Foundation’s “Taste of the Town” has brought together over 35 caring and enthusiastic vendors to partner and help raise money for this California Central Coast based non-profit. We were so privileged to join in on this 35th annual sponsorship opportunity and offer priceless tangible keepsakes that keep giving and raising awareness for years to come. Our Santa Barbara based Photobooth rental setup for 800 of Santa Barbara's own to give and experience Taste of the Town - and we got it all on film! Our high-quality cameras, set up onsite and installed inside a compact booth create one-of-a-kind interactive photos that can be made unique with our assortment of backgrounds and props.

The Arthritis Foundation’s Taste of the Town fundraiser is properly named! Those who picked out their customized sponsorship packages and donated to the organization experienced what the many culinary establishments all over Santa Barbara county have to offer. Some of the finest Santa Barbara based wineries, breweries, restaurants and caterers showed up and brought their best eats, brews and beverages for donors to enjoy. All donations went to this inspiring foundation that offers the public resources and vital information on educating, preventing and overcoming arthritis.

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                Open Air Photobooth is here to partner with you and your next fundraiser. We would love the opportunity to give back to the community and keep the memories alive of past or future events, food, friends and fun… all with a cause!

Arthritis Foundation: