Open Air Photobooth | The Cube


Measuring 20” wide and 17” deep and weighing in at less than 50 lbs., The Cube by Open Air Photobooth is the most portable all-in-one event printing solution.

With integrated Windows -based computer system, touch screen monitor, webcam, and dye-sublimation printer the applications are endless.

Since the release of the Open Air Photobooth in January 2009, we have been educating photo booth owners of “The Power of the Printed Image” and The Cube by Open Air Photobooth opens up a completely new market in which to utilize this philosophy.

With the release of The Cube by Open Air Photobooth, comes the release of two powerful software packages:

Open Air Hashtag Printer software – With this application, The Cube is transformed into a standalone, self-service machine to collect, apply branding, display and print images from Twitter and Instagram. Hashtag marketing can be used to promote a specific event, a brand / marketing campaign, or a personality. Unlike an Open Air Photobooth where images are captured and printed with the possibility of social media sharing, with The Cube and the Open Air Hashtag Printer software, users are required to post to social media in order to receive a print. The exposure potential is unmatched.

Integrating The Cube as a social media kiosk for the Open Air Photobooth – When linking The Cube to the Open Air Photobooth (wired or wirelessly) we offer event photo software that allows users to view, print, and share photos live from the event.  This solution offers unmatched flexibility when integrating hashtag marketing, user data collection, email campaigns, and Facebook “likes” and sharing.

Black Hashtag Printer