Ashley and Jerell’s Wedding – Wedding Wish - Santa Barbara

Wedding Wish is an organization dedicated to creating dream weddings for couples who are married but never had the chance to have a wedding ceremony.

Ashley and Jerell Cryer were nominated for Wedding Wish by Ashley’s 13 year old daughter, Anna Lisa. In her application Anna Lisa tells how deserving she believes her Mom and Step Dad are. Here is Anna Lisa’s kind words, “A few years ago my mom was working and ran into Jerell then realized they went to the same high school. They obviously hit it off and maybe 8-12 months later they got married. They just went to the court house and didn’t get to have their dream wedding mostly because of money. When Jerell married my mom she already had me and my two younger brothers. Since my father hasn’t been present… Jerell has really tried to be the best father he could… They have been talking about having a wedding for some time now but something always comes up, like just recently they bought their first house and when they first bought it, it was a complete wreck so Jerell worker harder than I have seen anyone work to fix up our beautiful house… I think they are the most deserving people for this wedding and I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen… Jerell has really stepped up and became the best father anyone could wish for and my mom, well she’s always been super mom.”

Wedding Wish responded by giving Ashley and Jerell the wedding of their dreams. They organized everything one would need for a beautiful wedding including a way to create lasting memories. Open Air Photobooth provided photo booth rental services in Santa Barbara to capture those beautiful memories for the Cryer family.

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