Fast Times at the Indy 500

There's an energy: whirring, electric. Fans scream as blurs of ferocious sound storm past, metal biting metal in pursuit of speed and victory. At 220 mph, if the vehicles make any mistake, any error, it will surely mean catastrophe.

It's the Indianapolis 500.


Held each year, the Indy 500 pits the sport's most skilled drivers against each other in a race of endurance, speed and focus. Each driver must rely on their skill, their team and the performance of their equipment. We won't say that Open Air Photo Booth can move at the incredible speeds of these ground bound super-jets, but bet on us to provide your custom photo prints in less than 10 seconds, faster than any driver has been able to complete a circuit around the Motor Speedway.

Open Air is the race car of photo booth design: quick set up, through-put, print-outs; crafted for optimized performance, durability and quality. Open Air takes the lead as the pinnacle of photo booth experience, and thanks to our relationship with PrimeSport, we were able to capture Fan Photos.

As for the Indy 500, of the 33 racers, Alexander Rossi claimed victory, coming through the finish line after boldly chancing the last lap on an empty fuel tank, making it an event-to-remember.

 If only there was a way to test the performance of the world's photo booths…