Flip Books and Animated GIFs at Kate's Bat Mitzvah - Bacara Resort

Kate and her family had worked with Open Air Photobooth in the past and knew the excitement of making Flip Books and wanted to incorporate the experience into Kate's bat Mitzvah at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.

Bat Mitzvah Flip Book.GIF

Gina Andrews of Bon Fortune creates charming celebrations with attention to detail in the Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, and Montecito areas. She is very sweet and we are excited each time she asks to incorporate our Open Air Photobooth rental services into one of her Santa Barbara events! This event was like her many others... picture perfect!

For the custom flip book wrap around covers, the Open Air Photo Booth graphic designer incorporated creative elements from other aspects of the event to seamlessly blend with the decor. The digital animated GIFs also bear one of the creative elements; a bright pink stylized font.

Bat Mitzvah Animated GIF.GIF

Congratulations Kate! Thanks for having us!

Bon Fortune: http://www.bonfortune.com/