LinkedIn's Summer SoCal Picnic at the Santa Barbara Zoo

We love helping out at corporate summer picnics! Adding an Open Air Photobooth to any company picnic is a fun-filled decision! When Jill Remy of Jill and Co Events in Santa Barbara reached out to us to provide a photo booth rental for LinkedIn we knew it would be an epic opportunity.

Open Air Photobooth LinkedIn.jpg

The Open Air Photo-booth team incorporated the LinkedIn Logo onto a custom printed step and repeat backdrop. Then, selecting from one of our custom photo booth layouts, we incorporated themed graphics to make the perfect 4x6 print.

Once onsite, we were pleased to see that the LinkedIn team and Jill amassed a myriad of animal props and costumes to go with the Santa Barbara Zoo setting. All of these aspects combined to create a unique experience which resulted in high quality photographs!

Thank you Jill & Co and LinkedIn!


Jill and Co Events: