Event planning can be tough. You can feel overwhelmed by the smallest of details because that may be the piece of the pie that holds the entire soiree together. One thing that you do not want missing from your gathering is entertainment.

If you have an event coming up and you think you are missing that entertainment piece, don’t let your blood pressure rise. That’s where we come in.

Open Air Photobooth ensures that each event, gala, party or even picnic goes off without a hitch. The minor details run through our veins and are not forgotten.

We have worked with major corporations throughout the United States and beyond with all sorts of needs and entertainment desires. Some of these include internal and external corporate parties from family picnics, holiday get-togethers and celebrity meet-and-greets to name a few. Having mentioned the minor details, we can even bring in multiple Santa’s to make a Christmas party that much more magical.

But, shhh, don’t tell the kids! Your secret is safe with us.

To add to the entertainment value and as a perk for having our services at your event, your photos will also be printed in seconds. You can hold onto that picture with Santa or that once in a lifetime meet-and-greet with your favorite celebrity to show off to your friends right after the moment passes. We even have the option to share the picture right to social media from the booth #Winning!

You can also see your images following your event on our online photo gallery.

If you are still feeling anxious about the upcoming event and you do not know how many booths you need, no need to worry. We can bring as many as you need. We work with a variety of requests from length of the events, guest count, budgetary needs and much more. We also know that it can be daunting to rely on an outside vendor to come in and have to put their hands-on equipment that may not even look durable.

Have no fear.

“We are the manufacturer. Not only do we have an intimate understanding of the product, we invented it and no one has more of an understanding of how it works,” said Nick Andrews, CEO and Founder of Open Air Photobooth. “The other unique aspect of working directly with us for event services is the fact that because we are the manufacturer, we are not limited by the number of products we can bring to an event, nor does location matter. We are happy to travel worldwide.”

open air photo booth world map

Feel better?

Now, sit back and let us take your event’s entertainment to a whole new level. It’s time to make memories.

Open Air Photobooth is coming up to a decade from the inception of the company to today and is taking over the entertainment industry. Be sure to check out the various photobooth options for parties, events and much more on the Products section of our website.

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