Frequently Asked Questions – Rentals / Event Services

Q. Where Are you located?

Our Headquarters is located in Santa Barbara, California.

Q. Where do you provide rentals / event services?

While a majority of our customers and events are in Southern California, we are honored to say that we provide service for national clients who are able to take advantage of our network of 1000s of Open Air Photobooths around the US and beyond. We are happy to discuss all of your event needs, no matter where your event is located.   

Q. Do you rent Open Air Photobooths without an attendant?

We always provide a professional, clean-cut, energetic attendant to facilitate every aspect of integrating one of our products into your event. We provide entertainment in the form of a photo booth experience with branded tangible keepsakes.

Q. What color Open Air Photobooths do you have available for events?

We currently stock the following booth colors: White, Black, Rustic Wood, Acrylic, LED, Pink, Red/Yellow, Blue/Yellow and Camouflage. We are also able to custom wrap booths or apply vinyl dye-cut decals for branding purposes. Custom booth builds are also available.

Q. What are backdrop options when we hire Open Air Photobooth?

We stock a plethora of solid color and custom themed backdrops. We also commonly use Green Screen and custom print Step and Repeat logo patterns for our customers.

Q. What are some of the common add-ons customers request with their Open Air Photobooth Service?

For weddings and private events: props, photo guest books, and external slideshows are the most common add-ons. For corporate events: branded print and digital images, custom backdrops, branded social media / data collection, and custom dye-cut booth decals are common add-ons.

Q. Do you require a deposit to hold an event date?

Yes, we require 25% deposit to secure your spot in our event calendar and to begin the process of working together in graphic design and event specifics.

Q. Is power required for your equipment?

Yes, 120 volts AC (10 amp) is required per booth. We are also able to run equipment on generator or battery pack, which we are able to provide.

Q. How much space is required for setup?

We typically integrate an 8’ x 8’ Backdrop for the Open Air Photobooth and suggest a floor area of the same size. The Micro Booth without backdrop, or The Cube on a 4’ table take up less space.

Please feel free to call or email with additional questions regarding your upcoming event.