Add a Photo Booth Rental To Your Next Event!

Don’t think twice about it. Schedule an Open Air photo booth rental for your next event! Why? Well, let’s set the stage, shall we?

Your caterer just called to let you know that one of the menu items needs to be changed because of a supply problem. You can’t get the extra set up time you wanted the day before your event because of another event taking place the night prior. You will have the few hours leading up to your event, but that is it. Your guest list is growing everyday as invitees RSVP, but you realize that you have already reached the maximum number of guests that you thought would attend, and you still have a couple weeks to go!

Feeling the heat? Stress levels rising? Can you feel your pulse? Is your heart rate a little higher? If you have ever planned any kind of event, you can probably relate to exactly what happened above. We understand. That is why our photo booth rentals are so unique, and perfect for you!

Affordable & Painless Set Up

Entertaining your guests can be a huge headache on top of juggling all the other aspects of your event. Eliminate the stress. Schedule an Open Air photo booth rental. It is incredibly affordable, so it will definitely fit your event’s budget. It is also easy to set up and use. Seriously. It is such a hassle-free experience; words just don’t do it justice. An Open Air photo booth rental does not require hours of setup. Stack the two cases. Decide on your backdrop, and hang it up. Finish going through the Quick Start Setup Guide, included with every Open Air photo booth rental, and you will be good to go in no time!

Great For Every Event

An Open Air photo booth rental is absolutely fantastic for every event. It is the best way for your guests to make their own memories, and keep them afterwards. It is so versatile because its function is so fundamental to the human experience: record life using photos and videos. Hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures will be taken at your event, because not one, but everyone, is taking them!

Experience Social

Your Open Air photo booth rental allows your guests to connect to their social networks. Take an image, and share it. It is that simple. Making it easy for your guests to share their images lets your event take on a life of its own. Shares get reshared. Posts get liked. Tweets get retweeted. The more your guests are able to share, the more popular your event will become! Your potential is limitless with the power of the web. There are no boundaries in cyberspace. With the incredibly high number of social media connections that everyone has today, your event could be exposed to more pairs of eyes than you ever dreamed of.

For the next event you plan, under the line item of “Photographer”, do your heart a favor and pencil in “Open Air photo booth rental“!