Frequent Photo Booth Rentals

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Every business owner has a competitive edge, and they are always on the lookout for keeping that edge over their competitors. For event planners and venue owners, the solution lies in finding that special element that will make each and every one of their events fun, entertaining, and memorable.  Open Air photo booth rentals can be that special something. Frequent photo booth rentals will provide a steady source of additional revenue to you, and are perfect for organizations hosting or planning many events.

Open Air photo booths are perfect for organizations that have frequent or multiple events.

When venue owners and event planners have Open Air photo booth rentals at every event attendees will come to anticipate this special entertainment element as your organization’s calling card, leading to more successful events by increasing attendance. Including your logo and contact information on photo prints provides guests with a fun souvenir that doubles as a business card, increasing the likelihood that they will book their own events with your organization!

Frequent Open Air photo booth rentals brings a universal entertainment theme to every type of event. They’re great for capturing memories at weddings, rehearsals, family reunions, and birthday parties. They can preserve the excitement of sporting events and concerts. They even liven up professional events such as conventions and trade shows. Getting in front of the lens brings out the entertainer in anyone, and when event guests see how much fun everyone else is having they can’t help but join in. This makes the difference between an event that guests have to go to and an event that they want to go to. The Open Air photo booth rentals provides an experience that sets your organization apart, generating both new and repeat business for your organization.

Compact, Ultra Portable, and Simple To Setup

Open Air photo booth rentals are easy to transport and easy to store, making it ideal for event planners that coordinate off-site events, or venue providers with multiple locations because it fits in almost any vehicle. You don’t need to have a truck and trailer or a huge van to make Open Air photo booth rentals a mobile service. These self-contained flight style cases are a breeze to get around, set up, and take down. Their compact design allows you to store them in a spare closet, an empty corner, or almost anywhere.

These amazing photo booths don’t take up much space, so they will not interfere with the rest of the event set up. For venues hosting multiple events in a single day the units could even be left in place between events because they’re so compact. Their ultraportable design makes them perfect for smaller event spaces as well.

Take your business to the next level by making frequent photo booth rentals a staple service within your organization. Explore our Products Page to learn more about how you can start growing your business with Open Air photo booth rentals.