A Photo Booth Wedding Reception

Everything has to be perfect at your wedding. It has to be perfect because you are going to remember it for the rest of your life. Open Air photo booths will help you have the perfect wedding. Having a photo booth at your wedding will provide both memories and enjoyment for your guests. Your guests can take their pictures, and save their favorite moments of your wedding. An Open Air photo booth is the perfect touch, to make your wedding memorable!

Three Reasons Why

 An Open Air photo booth is a great way to get all of your wedding reception guests to interact and meet. It’s not only fun for guests to participate in using the photo booth, but also entertaining to watch. The three features of the Open Air photo booth that follow, show how an Open Air photo booth will entertain your guests!

Open Air Photo Booth Wedding Reception Photos

It’s easy to capture group shots of twenty or more guests allowing for a wide variety of pictures to be taken, including endless combinations of families and guests. The Open Air Photo Booth also has a red carpet setup providing a celebrity experience everyone loves to have!

On top of that, if your wedding and/or your reception has a theme, the Open Air Photo Booth has integrated backdrops and software enhancements so images can have specific themes. Horizontal or vertical pictures can be formatted to produce high-quality 4X6 inch prints, from the attached photo lab grade printer, in seconds!

The Open Air photo booth also allows your guests to email, tweet, or post their favorite images on Instagram and Facebook, all by simply entering their email address!

Open Air Photo Booth Wedding Videos

This photo booth upgrade uses the state-of-the-art hardware already built into the photo booth with our custom software to produce high definition video clips. Guests can record personalized messages to the newlywed couple, and this is always a lot of fun at weddings. Recall old times, share a joke, or convey sentimental and heartfelt wishes for the new bride and groom. No matter what the videos might be, high-definition Open Air photo booth wedding videos will be a memorable part of the festivities and are extremely popular with users of our photo booths!

Open Air Photo Booth Wedding Slideshows

The Open Air photo booth offers another great source of fun and entertainment at weddings with its slideshow option. With the slideshow add-on feature, the Open Air photo booth allows wedding guests to utilize a projector or a flat screen television to show photos taken during your ceremony or reception. The slideshow can begin at the start of the reception and images can be randomized and dynamically updated throughout the event!

Open Air photo booth provides great enjoyment, entertainment and fun at any wedding event. Between printing and social media sharing, guests enjoy multiple opportunities to build their personal photo albums and post their favorite photographs to social media accounts. Videos can be recorded as a final send off to the newlyweds as they start their new lives. Your reception can be the celebration of new beginnings it was meant to be. Consider having an Open Air photo booth to make the most important event of your life, your most memorable!