More Functions, More Features with the Open Air Photo booth!

There are many different types of photo booths for sale, but most of them only offer a very limited number of functions and features.  They are often very difficult to transport and can take hours to set up and take down.  Most of them only offer those simple, black and white, strip photos taken from within a very small, confined space.  They can only seat a few people at a time and usually operate with that old-fashioned blackout curtain.  Open Air Photobooth offers a wider arrange of options that will keep the party going!

Loads of fun to operate!

Most of us are looking for a business that we can be proud to own, and one that is a great deal of fun to manage in the process.  If you are interested in purchasing a photo booth for sale, why not choose a system that offers more interaction between you and your partygoers?  Manning a traditional booth can get very boring very quickly.  After all, you are only watching people enter and exit a tiny, black cube.  No one gets to see what actually goes on behind the curtain.

With the Open Air Photobooth, everyone gets involved in the fun, including you as the photographer or videographer.  A backdrop is placed in front of the compact camera system, acting like a red carpet photo shoot for the invited guests to “strike a pose” or “ham it up”.

 Video upgrades for indoor or outdoor use!

 Video booths are great additions to birthday celebrations, proms, weddings, and even wild bachelorette parties. With the video upgrades, guests can even record a zany message to the guest of honor in groups of up to thirty people at a time.

No special lighting requirements are needed because everything takes place in the open air, in front of a high-performing, standalone video system of computerized digital camera, software, and iPad combination.  This system adjusts to outdoor or indoor lighting conditions.  And with the Open Air Photobooth attached iPad, guests can immediately post their videos and images online to Facebook or Twitter with its state-of-the-art touch screen technology.

 Easy portability!

Another special feature which sets the Open Air system apart from all the other photo booths for sale is the amount of floor space needed to set up the camera and video equipment.  Your Open Air Photobooth will arrive in two, small, individual boxes that will sit one on top of the other, standing only 6 feet tall.  The entire system only requires a very small space of 14” x 22”, making it the most compact and versatile system available on the market today.

Even better, the Open Air System already comes fully loaded with all of the digital software included.   This means that you don’t have to be a technological whiz kid to operate the booth.  With this highly compact system, you don’t have to worry about other unforeseen business expenses, such as purchasing a van or pickup to transport the equipment to each of your professional gigs.  Simple to operate, quick to assemble, and easy to transport, the Open Air Video and Photobooth is just a lot more fun to own and manage!