The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation- Why Not? Bowl - National Photo Booth Rentals

Russell Westbrook has made a name for himself in the NBA by leading his basketball team to winning the gold medal in both the FIBA World Championship in 2010 and the Olympics in 2012. Currently point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team, Russell was always taught growing up to ask ‘why not?’ and always believe in himself. In 2012, he founded the Why Not? Foundation, dedicated to supporting community based education and family service programs while encouraging youth to believe in themselves. The mission of the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation is to inspire the lives of children, empower them to ask “Why Not?” and teach them to never give up.

The Why Not? Bowl event was held in Oklahoma where adults and children were inspired by bowling and hanging out with Russell Westbrook and other Thunder players. Open Air Photobooth captured these precious moments, giving guests and players the chance to interact and have some fun. Charity events, celebrity meet and greets, and non-profit fundraisers are all perfect events for an Open Air Photobooth.

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