UCSB Greek Community (Tri Delta) Throws Party for the Kids


Open Air Photobooth supports a diverse community of clients. This weekend we had the chance to kick it at this year’s Tri Delta Trident Classic, a day full of flag football, bbq and partying with the UCSB Greek Community. And if university students at UCSB know how to do anything best, it’s having fun. The best part? It was all done for a great cause, raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center

And why is this important? Well, according to St. Jude’s, the survival rate for children with cancer was less than 20% in 1962. Over the past half century, the support and funds raised by those like Tri Delta have pushed that percentage to over 80%. Making this weekend’s event something worth partying for.

The event, being hosted outside, required our Open Air Photobooth to show its true versatility. Lightweight and extremely portable, we were able to roll our set up out onto the grass field, plug into nearby generator power, and start providing our services within minutes. And in cases such as this, we bring along our pop-up tents to provide shade for our guests as they come over in between points to get a great shot of the day they saved lives and had fun doing it.

Whether it’s to celebrate the end of a semester or ensuring the health and treatment of our children with cancer, Open Air Photo Booth loves being able to use our state-of-the-art photo booth to help preserve the memories of something truly special.

Let us know how we can save the day with our amazing Open Air Photo Booth!